Okay with all that said this is where the log begins.  Due to some major life changes and realizations I have started an aggressive physical conditioning program.

During much of this time I tried working out but could never put together a consistent program.  I did notice that if for no other reason than mentally when I worked out I felt better.

My rehab of choice is strength training.  I have always loved to lift but have not really stuck to it as I mentioned once the Transverse Myelitis (TM) hit.

I now lift almost everyday.  While I am in Philadelphia I am using free weights as I am a Bally’s member.  When I get back into my apartment, I will get reacquainted with my Bowflex.

My physique suffered through all of this and in addition to the weight gain I lost most of my muscle tone.  Right now I am still in a conditioning phase so that I can really focus on the strength training.

The first and most dramatic improvement I have noticed is that with the increased work with my legs I can walk with a lot less effort and the strange sensations in my feet has all but disappeared.

The back pain is simply annoying and the region of numbness is less intense as I stretch the torso with the back and chest workouts.

I was able to drive to Charleston South Carolina and back for a wonderful vacation with no effects, this would have been impossible at the earliest stages…


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