I have recently been told that I am depressed by my physical condition.  I really had to think about that.

I did let it get me down, let it make me feel old.  Not only did I have physical pain but it was humiliating.  However at no point did I ever quit.  I did fail to muster up the energy to focus on it physically and mentally.

I went from being a strong and competitive man to what was an embarassment to me.  I am a proudful person, I don’t shake humiliation well.  Simple tasks like carrying stuff, wether it was the weight of the parcel or the fact that I limped and had no confidence in my left leg, where troublesome.  I couldn’t run around the front yard to play baseball with my favorite ballerina.  I couldn’t feel ready to be with the person I wanted the most.  It has been a lot to face, but I am confident that I can face it and win! 

I was way too young to think I was done, I just rested on my laurels a little too much.  Thanks for the kick in the butt, I am back and focussed.


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