I have had issues with bowel movements.  I had the constant sensation of needing to go but couldn’t and then when it was time to go I did not have the control to prevent it until I could get to the facilities.  One one occassion, a very good friend I call Hero Rob (even if he is Army) witnessed me.  He was so admirable to help me and then make sure no one knew in the office.  I felt so humiliated, but again no quit.  Many issues have really subsided and when concentrating on not creating possible problems the symptoms are a mere concern now.

Other issue in the region… gross I know but it seems all functions in the region were affected.  Harder to tell now but it seems more of a mental confidence issue.  I know I need some medical assistance to ensure function as well as the confidence needed, but the desire never changed.

Right leg was the first to start to subside.  The region of numbness started to dissipate to the point where it all seemed centered around my knee.

The left leg did not show progress at all.

The torso numbness began to dissipate and lingers in a region around my left rib cage.

I acutally felt that I could play softball (hey it is competitive) this year, I just didn’t want to be a liability for the team.

I spent much of my time wondering if things felt different…is the numbness in this leg different, etc…  It was extremely frustrating at times trying to figure out if there was progress or not.

I was able to drive to Charleston South Carolina and back for an incredible vacation with no incident, this was unthinkable early into my TM.


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