There are many people and most probably don’t want their names associated with this.

My family to include my extended Ohio family.  I couldn’t be any luckier than to have this group.  They were an incredible support.  I miss my dad who passed away during all of this.  They drove out in the middle of the night and stayed by my side, even when I probably didn’t even know they were there.  So many feats and unselfish acts to help me.  Thanks doesn’t even begin to cover my appreciation.

Friends.  I don’t have many friends for a reason, and my friends proved that logic.  No matter how bad things were I never sensed they looked down on me.  Those that I considered true friends continued to look me straight in the eyes.

Gunny.  As I would expect from a Staff NCO, Gunny has been the hard charger.  He works tirelessly raising funds to help the very small amount of research that is done. 

Work.  Okay so I work in IT, mostly computer work.  Ever wonder how those computers get placed in those racks you see on the TV?  That was definitely a concern.  I have been lucky however, the two employers I was with during this time provided all the support they could.  I was laid up a month for the TM and even longer for the CVID incident.  Yes I work hard so I believe my employers do not see me abusing their graciousness, but I know a lot of other shops that would have been a lot less supportive.


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