Thanks – continued

Okay so I have bashed the medical system a little bit in this chronology.  I do have to say that there are three doctors that really stood out through this whole TM episode, soap opera whatever you want to call it.  The surgeon in Akron, thank you so much for stopping on your way home one night.  If he hadn’t there is no telling how long this would have been drawn out.  The first Neurosurgeon I saw at the Cleveland Clinic.  Wow now there was a stand up doctor.  And the TM specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, a definite research rat but a sharp doctor.

To those who suffer from this, many with much more impact on their life than I have experienced.  They are still willing to share their stories and how they cope.  Until recently this was just a medical condition, and it really didn’t seem I had it as bad as others.  Having lost something very important to me helped reground me and know I have to push forward.  Not just for me but the others around me.

I would also like to mention that I am just thankful for my life.  I remember being very angry about all of this, and while waiting for the Nuero-Guru (the one I eventually walked out on) I saw this young boy.  Poor kid had a brace from his neck to his legs, I felt foolish for being upset about my condition, this poor kid will never have the great life that I have had.  It really put things in perspective.  It is frustrating that with all of the wonders of medicine there are still so many caveats, unexplored ailments.  I hear that I will never recover fully, I hear you but I am not listening

I will recover and be better from the journey.


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