Toys – MP3 Players

Well, I have been using an iRiver H320 for several years now.  It has worked, very versatile.  I have been intrigued by the Zune.  Recently I rebuilt my machine and had to re-install the software I use to manage the iRiver, I have yet been able to activate it.   So, I plunked my money down and bought a Zune.  Physically it is nicer.  The display, the texture of the case, the size all superior.

I have never been an iTunes fan.  Sure because it is an Apple product but mostly because you can’t see the workings of it.  With my iriver it is basically just a hard drive that you drop your music files on.  The Zune uses software that is similar to iTunes in that you import or buy your music and then it uses a sync process to place the music on your device.  I have 11GB of files, what a nightmare, not to mention I have a large capacity player so I don’t have to waste disk space on my computer.

The Zune is better in that the display actually shows the album art, not to mention you can scroll through your photo slideshow while your music continues to play.  It also has a higher volume, a limitation the iRiver exper

I have not had it long enough to test battery life or durability when working out so more to come.  Pictures to follow.


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