Okay, a few people who read this are probably going to have some ugly comments (please comment) but here it goes anyway.  So, it has turned bitter cold around here, winter finally arrived.  This coincided with my new buddy.  So several walks a day in predominantly sub-zero temperatures and rarely staying on the trail.  The point of this.  I have not taken my prescribed antibiotics for about a month now.  Yes, too lazy to get my prescription filled, but I knew I had it if necessary.  I wanted to see how it would go.  So, despite the winter weather and any possible issues that would be incurred with a new dog from the humane society, life continues, and quite well actually.  Despite the occasional congestion my body seems to be handling it’s internal defenses pretty well.  Cured?  No, I am not that racked with frost bite, but I think it is a great example of how my physical condition had allot to play in controlling this for so long and then vice versa.


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