I had mentioned earlier how the folks at BowFlex might have made an engineering gaf with this model.  When using the squat attachment (for squats, bench press and deadlifts) the cable tension pulls the platform.  Well I just noticed, this is causing the tube leg of the bench to be ripped away….. will have to eliminate those movements until I get a replacement and maybe a mat (thinking the carpet is allowing the flat base to move).

First time in my life I can bench more than squat.  Is that because my bench has gone up dramatically… yeah I wish.  Just an indication of the motor skill and muscle loss I incurred.  With all of the walking and my own evil brew of physical therapy my gait is improving as well as strength.  Okay back to working out.


2 thoughts on “UhOh

  1. I remember someone who was lifting weights and then all of a sudden dropped the weights on his chest and couldn’t get it off

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