Quarterly Review

Well the lab results weren’t done due to computer issues… dang computers….

All vitals were good, if labs are abnormal they will call me otherwise I am off the hook until June….  Put 2.4 pounds on, not the way I intended but the price to pay for getting out a little more… a small price to pay but something I have to watch.  BP was real good at 123/68.

Man has the clinic grown.  Where the original parking lot stood is now a huge glass fortress which was just a shell when I was taken to the clinic over a year ago.

Well the Bowflex is back in action so I anticipate the June results to be a little better.  An expensive mat but seems to have fixed the pulley issue.  Also had to replace the back legs as they were holding on by the smallest of strands.

After watching ESPN Outside the Lines this weekend, I asked about MRSA since I am on a continuing prescription of anti-biotics.  I was told there is nothing to worry about outside of the normal hygeine that everyone else needs to be mindful of.  I had to ask knowing that I will have to venture back into the gym soon to continue making improvements with my workouts and in turn my health and well-being.


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