Rough; but telling

It’s been a rough few weeks.  I aggravated my shoulder, probably the rotator cuff I mentioned in a previous entry, but have been unable to workout.  Other than some stretching the key was rest.  The weather has been so scattered I am sure that didn’t help.  Of course we had a beautiful weekend, rare in Ohio, and I was oncall.  Thinking the weather had turned of course I was ready to shed the jackets and sweatshirts and hair.  Was looking forward to the Monday when I was freed from oncall (a work term meaning you are on the hook 24×7 for any major problems).  Monday wasn’t bad (other than spending $400 on tires and repairs to my car).  Tuesday however was chillier than I expected and damp…  So, I ended up with a little cold.

Well this dang cold just won’t quit.  Every time I think I have it squashed it stands back up.  The worst part is that I know having a stubborn cold is not uncommon but considering my history…  It would seem that the lack of working out is definitely a huge factor.  This seems pretty plausible since just weeks before I was around Strep Throat, never changed my dosage but was still working out 90 minutes a day, and never came down with any symptoms. 

This is posted in keeping with documenting progress and anything I have learned in case it might help others that have been knocked down by this CVIDS and TM crap.


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04.30.2007 – I’m back…. dropped the weight and increased reps for the moves that aggravate the rotator cuff, also more time off between sets (blogged this between sets).  —- spoke too soon… 30 minutes from finishing and get called to work….

Well it’s actually been a good start back.  I dropped the weight on movements like flyes but I was able to bump up the weight on my back and leg workouts .  One other observation.  Man I had a bad case of the sweats a year ago, really bad.  The temperature actually rose here before July, okay just kidding but yesterday was in the mid 70’s .  A year ago, walking to the front door would have generated sweat.  Yes I broke a sweat working out but that was really the only time and even at that it was what I would have expected from working out.


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