Free Speech

Straying from the topic big time here but….  The Don Imus debacle really troubled me.  Then a radio crew in New York was fired.  I have been an XM subscriber since I bought my 2006 Impala.  One of the main reasons was the Opie and Anthony show.  Granted I wouldn’t have it on if my mom was in the car but….  They have currently been suspended, which if history servers as any indication, is just a pre-cursor to being fired.

I listened to the broadcast that caused all of this.  The comments were not even made by the on-air personalities but rather by a homeless person that was brought on as a guest.  I understood that what was being said was for the point of humor.  I have been listening for over a year and I don’t always agree or find the humor tasteful but I knowingly opt to listen to it.  In XM terms it is marked as an "Explicit" channel so a responsible parent/adult can have parental controls enabled for their radio so don’t give me the line about how young listeners might have heard it.  If you don’t like it, change the damn channel, stop whining.

Why am I posting?  I will quote a friend of mine (I will send him royalties) in a recent e-mail about this subject:

And to think that you and I fought to defend these rights of free speech.

When these people protesting in the streets call our warriors evil and show up at their funerals claiming they deserved to die, nothing ever happens!!!!  Politically, politicians can bash each other, making wild allegations and still nothing.  I have heard all of the "Bush lied" and "Blood for oil" rhetoric.  I disagree but it is my choice to pay attention or not.  I pay for this service and I have the freedom to change the channel. 

The Imus deal was classified as racial, okay I still think way too much was made of it.  The New York radio station again was a racial issue, although it is very similar parody that I have listened to many times.  Corporations who knowingly hired personalities caved to people with not questionable but rather documented discrimination provocation.  I have not seen these same people/groups make amends for their condemnation of the Duke Lacrosse players.  The corporations and sponsors who all bailed out are despicable.  We have hoodlums and cowards who act as if they are speaking for us, but in reality no one is speaking for us.

Political (since the difference between this and Imus was the comments were made regarding people in politics):  Air America offends me… I don’t listen.  XM recently picked up Jim Quinn.  What a punk and it’s on the "Talk Radio" channel which I think is fraudulent on XM’s part.  He is one of the main reasons I was looking for an alternative to the local terrestrial radio.  He is a right wing blow hard and as a conservative white male I find him embarrassing and offensive.  Again I don’t listen.  Rush Limbaugh?  Just his ill-conceived arrogance is offensive.  Rosie O’Donnel gets to bow out after making her ridiculous un-founded (libelous) accusations.  I have been a Glenn Beck fan for many years.  Okay he leans right but for the most part he talks from common sense more than political bias.  Plus he is from Philly.  I won’t listen to him either.  I know he is scared now.  Seriously, that is my right and I choose to exercise it.  When are we going to stop cowering and expecting to be legislated to death.  A homeless guy with a sense of humor makes some comments, feeding off the energy and sure it bordered on over the line but so what…. again I had the freedom and right to change the channel and have a free mind that can just ignore it and see it as it was, just an attempt at humor and a homeless person wanting some attention.  Let me reiterate, my political persuasion is I don’t care anymore.  I am moderate with conservative thoughts.  I was a republican but quite frankly I wouldn’t trust any politician because they are all corrupt and self-serving.  If this was all to make sure the entertainers understand their responsibility (which I thought was to entertain me and they were) then why not fire all politicians because they obviously need to be made more cognizant of their responsibilities.  Are you telling me there aren’t bigger issues?  Hey XM, why do I hear more and more commercials on this service I already pay for (same goes for Time Warner, CBS and all of the other corporations who keep making billions but crying poor so they can raise our rates and provide less content).

Okay, off my soapbox. smile_speedy


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