Documenting Progress

I have been making progress with my leg workouts.  After some equipment (mechanical) repair and confidence I have been stepping up the leg workouts.  Granted the amount of weight I could squat (admittedly bench assist aka sissy squats) but then again I am not sure how these workouts translate to pure free weights.  At the onset of TM, and further worsened by the more severe CVIDS episode, my left leg has been a serious point of depression.  I had lost all strength, a great amount of use to include balance and muscle tone.  Yes, it has been many many many years since I ran a marathon but….  My squats, leg extensions and hamstring curls have been consistent if not improving.  The results are a better gait when walking (although walking is still a chore, funny what you take for granted) and the strange sensations/numbness have virtually disappeared.  Even my feet, which have had this strange sensation and something else as they were always dry and flaky but there has been a noticeable change.  Still lots of work to do, but the motivation of progress is refreshing.  Now if only there were exercises for the internal stuff that hasn’t come back to their original state…..

As for running, probably not on the schedule any time soon.  If for not other reason than the embarassment.  Sorry.  Just the first few steps are so awkward.  Maybe as the leg strengthens it will be something I start to explore again but for now my workouts are in excess of 90 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Documenting Progress

  1. Why are you apologizing for not running? It’s a highly over-rated sport anyways. (grin) If it is cardio you are craving why don’t you throw on a suit and do as you amphibious types do…swim. Virtually no pressure on the leg…

  2. Was just a general statement about not going to embarass myself by attempting that.  If done properly, 90 minutes of strength training qualifies as cardio and no need for a pool membership.

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