No, not health-wise, well at not for this post any way.  I ordered the 310lbs to 410lbs upgrade for my Bowflex.  This is the last possible upgrade, then it will be time to face the music in the gym…..  The way I have been going I am not sure how long the additional 100lbs will last.  Perfect timing for a change, they were having a father’s day sale so I got the power rod upgrade and a new curl bar.  I had already bought a curl bar but it has a single cable attachment point making it awkward.  This one is more suited for the Bowflex.

Health wise… well it has been very warm for spring in Ohio.  To test a few things I have forsaken the air conditioning, instead choosing to see how far I can push tolerating the warmer more humid weather.  Would have been great conditioning before I went to Orlando for TechEd but I will refrain from blogging about my employer.  One of the issues I have had is the intolerance to heat and excessive sweating.  Okay working out in this stuff makes me sweat but no more than I would expect.  As for the sweating for no reason at all, really doesn’t seem to be an issue.  Forecast for the next few days call for showers so the air conditioning just might go on…. and that will be a bummer since I won’t be able to walk with my Zune…. 

One lingering concern is the abdomen area.  Trust me I still have some trimming to do but one of the biggest annoyances is the painful, numb, not sure how to describe it feeling in the left abdomen/oblique area.  It is just bothersome and defeating at times and makes ab workouts near impossible.


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