Windows Live

Okay so the big news today was the new Microsoft Surface (many of us have seen this coming for the last few years but now it appears to be a valid product) but most of us will not have that technology any time soon.  The news that caught my interest more are the release of new beta software for Windows Live.  Windows Live is the online services division Microsoft has competing with Google.  It provides e-mail, Instant Messaging, blogging and community/personal pages.  I am still not sure how this impacts MSN but, the Windows Live platform works with my MSN credentials (not to mention I used one of the hacks a few months back and I have a account before they became available to the public).  Basically anyone with a msn account or hotmail account can use the Windows Live services.

The primary changes have been with the web interface which had been hotmail.  The interface hadn’t changed for many years until recently.  The web interface is much more usable now and allows me to access my personal e-mail from anywhere.  Having been a user of Outlook and Outlook Express I was looking to see how those products would be leveraged.  There is something about an actual application to access and organize e-mail.  One of the new beta products released today was the Windows Live Mail Desktop.  Check out:

Instant Messaging:
In the past you could use the MSN explorer, had a personalized home page, e-mail and messenger…. squash the butterfly!  The first to become a stand alone application was the messenger.  It has had several enhancements over the years.  This new beta really starts to tie all of the services together.  One of the pluses is that MSN and Hotmail users can now contact Yahoo users via Messenger.  Messaging goes to the next step not to mention the sharing of files via a shared folder system.  Check out:

Live Writer:
Basically the software I am using to post this.  "Blogging" has become the rage but eludes most people that have great topics to blog about.  In the past blogging was for the techies and required specialized hosts and methods.  With Windows Live Spaces and Live Writer it has been opened to the masses, and were not just talking your basic text entry on a web page.  Check out:


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