For a Bike?

So, since I still can’t really run I figured it was time to look into a bike.  No not  a motorcycle, I gave those up many years ago because I went too fast and especially now it would just be suicide.  The last bike I bought was back when I was on Okinawa, it was so cool because it was 18 speeds… wow am I old.  Bikes have become very popular especially with all of the BMX and X-Game type events.  I have always had one of the racing style and even when my friends had bikes more suited for the trails, I managed to handle all of that even with the skinny tires and light frame.

Okay so there is a bike shop right down the street.  I know it used to be a Schwinn shop, again I am old because I don’t think Schwinn even makes bikes anymore but the best bike I ever had was the bicentenial (yes I did just date myself there) 10-speed I won in a grade school raffle.  That bike saw a ton of miles and endured some serious abuse.  Okay where was I… so I walk in and of course they have this gallery right there when you walk in.  I saw the first three bikes, they were cool no doubt about it, but I saw the price and just laughed.  Keep in mind, I figured $250 would get me a very nice bike.  With all of the brake and gear cables, to me its like a car and I would rather buy new because my experience is that once the cables need adjusted, they are never right again.  So I go over to the "normal" stuff.  I love the style, look BMX-ish but seem to have the light frame and a ton of gears so for someone like me just a perfect blend.  Again I look at the price….


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