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So, Google and Microsoft continue competing with each other.  I am no fan of Google but it this has been a perfect example of competition fueling innovation.  As I have posted before I am using the latest Windows Live services for e-mail, instant messaging and blogging.  As a beta tester I now have access to the two latest services in beta.  The one I have been waiting for is the Windows Live Folders.  This one has been rumored about for so long now and I truly believe that if the Google vs Microsoft battle wasn’t as volatile as it is this product might still just be a rumor.

To recap the new (e-mail, IM and Blogging are not new but the versions of software I am using are still beta) Windows Live Services look like this:

Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Writer
Windows Live Folders
Windows Live Photo Gallery

I already started experimenting with Live Folders and the interface is a little cheesy considering what the other Windows Live services look like in their recent versions but it is beta.  Below is a method for sharing files via Windows Live Folders:


I was on Windows Live Folders and saw a folder I thought you should check out.

You can look at it here:

Windows Live Folders has free online storage so you can get to your stuff anywhere and share it.

This service is subject to the Windows Live terms of use. Please respect the intellectual property rights of others, and do not copy or share unauthorized materials.

I am having problems installing the Photo Gallery part so more news to come.

On a side note, I won a LifeCam NX6000 in a recent scripting contest.  I have tried to use it for the last day or so, and I am definitely not impressed.  I don’t think it is the hardware but I think it is Windows Vista more than the hardware, then again I am still not sure how useful a web cam is.


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