The Windows Experience Blog : Announcing Windows Live Photo Gallery

Well I was able to get the Windows Live Photo Gallery to install (it installs a desktop version of SQL which was conflicting with another SQL engine I had running).  Not impressed.  I guess I am old school but one of the things I don’t like about Vista is the Photo Gallery.  I am sure it works for many users but the interface (much like my complaint about Zune and iTunes) is a little too automating, making way too many assumptions.  Quite frankly organizing by tags?  I guess because I am not a photographer I speak without credibility but to assign tags when importing from the camera is a bad idea.  I have a large memory card and I don’t import my pictures every time/event so I just find it annoying. 

The Windows Experience Blog : Announcing Windows Live Photo Gallery

How I think this service applies… think back a few years, before Windows Live Spaces, Google Picasso, Flickr, MySpace (yuckSick) etc… sharing your pictures required you either knew how to program a website or paid someone to do it.  This service provides a common method for the masses.

I have no idea how to use PhotoShop but let’s face it.  You have a 6+MP camera, the major need is to take that image that weighs in at a few megabytes shrink it down and do some basic editing.  Photoshop is way too expensive for the basics.  I looked at Corel and even Microsoft’s Digital Imaging Suite (which they scrapped claiming the tools in Windows Vista were encompassing – hello Microsoft…. NOT).  I have to recommend a free (please donate though because this product has just gotten better and better) named


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