Okay, so I posted a few entries ago about shopping for a bicycle.  Well I bit the bullet and bought one.  I shopped for awhile and just admitted that I needed to do it and it was a good investment.  I had my eyes on the 4000 series but figured I might as well at least try something a little less expensive and sophisticated and if I like it and it shows the results I am hoping for then I can upgrade and feel better about putting down that kind of cash.  So I ended up with the Trek 3700 other than a lock nothing added.

Eddy’s Bike shop was pretty good, although they really didn’t need to work for the sale.  I walked in and they had a few on sale at the entrance.  I saw one, I liked the price (relatively speaking) and was checking it out.  I looked back in the Trek section since I had done all my research on that brand but went back up to the one on sale.  A sales person came over and asked of he could help.  I told him that I liked the price on that one so he said there were a few other in that price range.  Without prompting he took me back to the Trek section.  All that research and I was unaware that like cars, the new year’s models are out mid-year.  They did the initial sale tuning and off I went.  Came home, changed and hit the trail.  First few strides were less than graceful but man was it fun to get back on a bike.

I started North on the trail, wow goes much further than I thought.  Pedaled into the next county.  Okay saying that makes me think I achieved something monumental but in reality about 8 miles, with a stop at the Stow dog park.  A definite rush.  I was able to get used to the bike (bear in mind the last time I was on a bike was in Youngstown on an 18 speed racing style bike I had bought in Okinawa and that was back in 1986) and the trail offers a nice mix of flat stretches and hills.  I popped the chain twice going from a stop to climb a hill, completely my fault.  It was a warm one here, for Ohio anyway.  It was the maiden voyage but it really seemed to hit something I have not been able to with strength training and walking.  I kept a steady pace of pedaling (a little more coasting on the return trip Secret telling) and could really feel the left leg working.  It felt great but I will reserve comment until tomorrowEye-rolling.

Now I will have to start looking around for trails to hit but for now I will use the trails here for conditioning and fun.  This should really help supplement the strength training and break me out of the boredom I have been feeling with my workouts.

Okay, chowed down and hydrated, sun was still up…. the bike was calling.  I took off, I found the end of the trail to the North so I might as well check the South.  The trail is addictive, you hit an intersection and you say one more, and the next… before I knew it I was in Peninsula.  Stopping just for the time it took me to eat really brought on the pain when I started pushing again.  Sure it was a burn, but it’s that real good burn and considering I felt it in my left quad, it’s a real good thing.

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