At it again

So the morning after wasn’t as bad as anticipated except for the issues raised by these ridiculously shaped seats.  Today is my leg workout… squats done, leg extensions done, doing leg curls now… oh this is going to be a short bike ride.  I have to say that results are as expected at least for the first 24 hours.  Adding this to my workout routine, again it’s early but it definitely has added to the purpose of lifting and I am not slacking off as much so I can get the bike out while the sun and mercury is up.  Okay legs done now arms (biceps to be specific) which I hate.  I will post more to this when I get back off the trail.

Oh yeah, one of the additions to the Bowflex has been their cable friendly curl bar.  First observation, heavy so one would expect it to be rugged, nice padded bar and cable connections at both ends and one in the middle.  Looks can be deceiving.  First thing, the cable connection in the middle is a bad idea.  Since it moves 360 degrees it is always in the way and when doing French Presses that can be real dangerous.  The other issue seems to be the balance of the bar (okay yes the balance of this author has also been questioned but…).  I will try it for a few workouts but looks like this will find the archives.

Bally’s files for bankruptcy…. considering they raised my monthly fee and due to them closing locations I only use their facilities a few days a year… GOOD; you get what you deserve seems appropriate.

Well it was definitely a shorter trip (estimate 5 to 6 miles) but I wanted to make sure I didn’t go so far that I would be coasting or worse, walking, too much.  Just a steady consistent pedaling, a few small hills for good measure.


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