Back up

Well as mentioned earlier my numbers (translation when my blood counts drop) seemed to be down last week.  I got some rest (only a few hours of work over the weekend).  About 90% at this point so I dropped the strength training and hit the bike trail.  Not sure what the distance was, I just wanted to make sure I kept a constant peddle going.  There is a stretch that is just .6 so for that I made a concentrated effort to make my left leg do all of the heavy work…well it must have worked because I ended up with a shin splint on the final leg.  From start to finish a good 40 minutes.  No I was not maintaining a Tour De France pace but I didn’t coast so somewhere in between.  Not tooting my own horn here but if you have followed my story… all of the doctors I saw mentioned rehab, to date I have never received any formal rehab.  After quitting and letting this beat me, I was faced with beating it myself, I have a long way to go but if you saw me over two years ago and where I have gotten to… big difference and in that fact I am proud.

I did take the bike off trail two weekends ago.  There is no doubt this bike is more for that but the biker is not.  Man did I have fun.  I only dropped the bike twice and yes I have all limbs and digitsDoh.  It was obvious I still need more trail time and strength training.  The first time I dropped the bike was not getting enough air when I went over an incline.  Then I got lazy when I found a ramp that mother nature had created so I did some down hill runs.  After landing too hard on the back wheel I see why they spend the extra money for the fully shocked models.  Then I got a little too comfy and did some bigger air (okay none of the X-Games guy is in jeopardy but…) and figured I would out  smart the landing… I avoided the seat alright, almost sitting down on the wheel.  Considering my legs actually held is a big thumbs upThumbs-up for me.  That was great fun.

Looking at the map I have found a few routes to extend my riding so that I don’t get bored.  The map doesn’t show the leg that goes past Summit County into Portage County.  The weather looks to be favorable for a week of riding.


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