Changing things up a little

I have added the bike to my fitness regiment but I have to admit I have not touched the Bowflex in longer than I want to admit…..  During this time symptoms would indicate that my blood numbers have been influenced.  Sure mind over matter but considering the up and downs I have experienced in the down time there does some to be a correlation between working out and my health… Duuuuh.

Okay so aside from being lazy, a few things kept me from facing the Bowflex.  I was very frustrated and stressed as I started looking for a way out of Ohio.  I think a bigger part was the lack of progress I was making.  So, this week I am back at it, changing the routine.  For so long I have maintained the same workout.  The part I am changing is the repetitions.  In the past  I was using a steps method, start with high reps (12) and as I raised the weight lowering the reps (12, 10, 8 and 6).  The change will be for the bulk sets (bench, rows, squats, etc…) I will select a weight and shoot for four sets of 6.  It will take some time to get the right weight, but for no reason other than keep my interest this should help me get back.


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