Okay, product placement in one of my favorite shows led me to a new product (I already love UnderArmour),  Vitamin Water.  I am still waiting to start reading how it’s a scam but…  If this product is legitimate, I have to say this is a great way to get the vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to us.  Coincidentally my grocer of choice has been running a 10 for $10 special and they seem to have several flavors.  Lemonade (Multi-Vitamin) and the Orange (essential) are my favorite at this point.  Each one has it’s own target value.  If nothing else it provides a great alternative to soda.  To be fair Sobe Life, the blackberry flavor is pretty good too.  I can’t make claims to any of these products actual nutritional value.

Vitamin Water product line

Sobe Life Water


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