He’s Back

I went and got Skimpy back.  He is not so Skimpy, so it looks like both of us will be doing a lot of walking.  I took him to the new dog park.  He was well behaved, amazing how all of those dogs seem to be well behaved.  I was surprised Skimpy didn’t go swimming but I think he was just checking the place out.

He's Back 002 (640x480)  He's Back 004 (640x480)

He was pretty shy but a few dogs came up to say hello.

He's Back 009 (640x480) He's Back 003 (640x480) He's Back 008 (640x480) He's Back 007 (640x480)


There was a Rottweiler at the shelter named Tony.  At first glance he is a Rottweiler, then  when you walk up to him he is skin and bones.  I love Rotties and this one was no puppy but very friendly, breaks your heart to think someone let a dog live like that.


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