Search Engines

From the beginner to the advanced user, one of the major uses of the Internet is searching for information.  Understanding how to do in-depth searches can be very useful because we have all tried to find something and the results were everything but what you were looking for.  For those still hanging onto AOL, stay with the keywords concept (hello we are talking about an online service that is the only one to not adopted an internet standard for their e-mail).  Yahoo broke the mold but has been slow to change, then came Google.  Yes, I have been sticking with Windows Live and admit that their search engine was lacking but understanding how to use the "+" and quoting exact text you can pretty much achieve the same results.  Live Search has recently rolled out version 2.0.  Results have gotten better and the look and feel have really been improved.

In line with the initial purpose of this blog, Live search has released a health specific search engine, check out

Yes, I understand that using the same provider for everything plays right into the "evil" corporate ways but then again it makes sense.  Using the same search interface I can search the internet, all of my e-mail, other Windows Live Spaces, etc…  As most of you know I do use the others, I have a google mail account, and a Yahoo account.  Right now the Windows Live services are providing me more with e-mail, search, instant messaging, blogging, online storage plus access to my XBox friend list… basically all of the things I use the internet for.  Google does a great job at searches but for me their e-mail interface is awful and their personalized home page does not offer the power that I get with and their office-like applications well I guess they are free.  I was seriously disappointed with Yahoo’s latest e-mail as well as their messenger.  It is great that the messenger interface has been included in their mail application but the e-mail functionality is just boring.

Hey, I have not said anything about the tribulations of the iPhone.  All I will say is, Apple you stepped out of your cozy pond so welcome to the real world.

Well with Halo3 (this is a great game) and now the NHL (phew I was able to get the CenterIce package despite talk of it being sold to the satellite companies)  opening up chances of me blogging seem unlikely.   I do have a doctors visit scheduled for this month so I will post anything noteworthy.


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