Microsoft HealthVault Search – Your Scrapbook

So, experimenting with one more of the Windows Live services.  The health vault is pretty interesting.  Considering all of the medical terms and the completely illogical spelling it is nice to have a search engine that is expecting medical terminology.  The ability to bookmark certain articles is also a nice feature.  Sure you can do the same thing with "Favorites" but the ability to access them from any computer is nice and being able to share it might have benefits.

However while doing this I had to wonder what was more stressful, the Transverse Myelitis or the Common Variable Immunodeficiency.  Sure, I have probably had the CVID much longer but other than it being a nuisance if I had not allowed myself to fall out of shape it may have always been an unknown.  The Transverse Myelitis however made instant impact on my life and a very deep impact both physically and mentally.  I still deal with symptoms, much less than a few years ago but symptoms that change a lifestyle.  So TM is the winner… not so fast…  (Don’t you just hate it when you argue with yourself.).  Yes CVID is mostly a nuisance and the TM really knocked me down, but not being able to just accept the common cold as a normal nuisance is a lingering issue.  Again, keeping myself in shape is the best defense, but there is that memory of thinking "it’s just the flu" that does play havoc on me mentally.  TM has changed my life but CVID created the environment that allowed the TM plus almost killed me because unlike most people I can’t just accept that I have a cold or other infection. 

Microsoft HealthVault Search – Your Scrapbook


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