Bad Report Card

Well it was bound to happen.  After a long string of normal readings the doctor put me on quarterly visits versus monthly.  As documented, I had one relapse/episode about a month ago.  I largely attributed it to my consumption of alcoholic beverages.  With a scheduled doctor visit for Monday, about Thursday evening I started to feel the symptoms.  Working the weekend didn’t help but by Sunday evening I was getting a little concerned.  With my buddy it is even more complicated, not only can’t I just come home and crash but I worry about him and what happens if.  By the time I left for the trek to Cleveland I was pretty sure I was going to be admitted.  When the doctor entered the room it was pretty obvious that the labs indicated a problem.  The red count was good but the white cells were substantially lower.  There was a thought of hooking me up to the IV but they decided to put me on some heavier anti-biotic and made arrangements for me to see a blood disorder specialist.

On the upside, I knew something was wrong and I was concerned but I am still trying to determine what is a cold and what could be more prolonged.


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