Green Calculator

Let me start by saying that this is pretty cool.  I love the idea, but before you start accusing people of being evil you might want to provide more options.

Using the Vista Snippet Tool this is my score

For starters when you pick your vehicle it does not include the 2008 models which makes me wonder how accurate this is.  No, I don’t have a 2008 but there are very few options within the model year that I do have, for example I do not have a FlexFuel or Hybrid but it does have a fuel conservation system that was never an option.  Other concerns…. what is your energy source, is it from clean, renewable sources… good question.  The last time I checked I was told there are no such sources in this area.  I rent, so hooking up a solar panel system or my own windmill are out of the question.  I am just concerned that this is more of a scare tactic than helpful.  I have replaced all of the light bulbs in my home.  I have seen the heating and cooling system and no doubt there are more efficient models, the in unit dryer takes two cycles to dry a full load, I can only imagine how bad the dishwasher and refrigerator are; I rent.  The only reason I travel the Pennsylvania Turnpike (a whole issue that should be blogged) is to check out the array of wind mills and I would be the first to say that we should see more.

I just wish this was more detailed.

MSN Green – Carbon Calculator


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