Numbers Numbers Numbers

Saw a Hematology specialist.  It was funny watching the Fellow scroll through the rows and rows of statistical data.  The little legend at the bottom of the screen indicates danger… well there was a substantial amount of yellow.  Mainly WBC, Platelet (spelling?) and things like IGA.  A battery of questions most of which I have answered already for.  Still a curiosity regarding my spleen and despite my requests to just remove it, that issue is placed on the back burner.  Ultimately, a new battery of tests (6 tubes versus 2) based on that data it will be determined if there is a need to have the bone marrow biopsy that is scheduled for Monday.  I don’t really fear the test, I have never experienced a problem with it, it’s just that this is the third one in about 3 years and my "numbers" have been consistently bad, what do they expect to find all of the sudden.  The downside of this appointment was the scheduling of a follow-up with the Allergy/Immunology doctor.  I have to say that this would be the number 2 doctor that I have NO respect for at the Cleveland Clinic.  The main purpose of this visit is to get a more definitive diagnosis of CVIDS.


Well it was a beautiful day anyway.  Below is the view of the Cleveland skyline from the Cleveland Clinic parking deck:

016  The next picture, ignore the reflection, is a great view of the front of Cleveland Clinic (Interesting if you check the Cleveland Clinic at it still shows dirt where the below complex now stands).  The first several years that I went to this facility (I wasn’t the patient) where those curved glass towers stand used to be a small five story parking deck and a curved entrance into the main building.  Now the parking deck is well across the street (picture taken from the 7th floor of the parking deck).



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