Going Green

Okay so living in an apartment there is only so much you can do.  I live in a ground floor unit so technically it stays cooler than the other units.  However I did "Go Green":

  1. Installed a programmable thermostat.  Still have my fingers crossed considering the wiring and color coding were not straight forward but I turned the breakers back on and no smoke and both the air and furnace came on when testing.  I still have to figure out how to program it.  http://www.honeywell.com/yourhome
  2. Replaced flood lights (bathroom and dining room area) with 65w replacement bulbs.  I had replaced my standard lamp bulbs prior to this.  I also replaced the 40w appliance bulb in a lamp, it works but it sits way too high inside the stained glass lamp shade.  These are CFL bulbs from "Bright Effects" and I am going to be curious how they perform since I have read some less than glowing reviews at http://www.onebillionbulbs.com/ .  In the bathroom that I use I will say that the bulb is brighter and provides a better color.
  3. Replaced shower head with a smaller water conservation head.  This is done more because I prefer the added pressure but it does allegedly conserve water.

Since the calculator the MSN Green offers simply uses your average gas and electric bill I won’t be able to gauge any improvement in my score for many months.  Some of the other light fixtures (closets, hallways, etc…) I am not worrying about replacing until the current bulb stops working, I just don’t use them enough, but I do have a pack of 60w replacement bulbs waiting to be put into service.


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