Not so fast

… okay my brain is still in serious confused mode but…. in meeting with the Immunologist; I do not show signs of CVIDS.

Based on the fact that I have not episodes of pneumonia, bronchitis, etc would rule out classic signs of the syndrome.  Basically answered a bunch of questions.  Then I mentioned how I was pretty frustrated because I had just learned that I had something and as long as I was mindful of it I could better it and live in general was great.  The doctor immediately stopped me and said that is the best diagnostic test.  He mentioned that he wished he had a CVIDS patient in for transfusion and he would have me talk to them because they would have never made a statement anywhere near that. 

Promising, yeah; confusing, yeah….  So I will have to let it all go and just wait for the results from the Bone Marrow biopsy.  The immunologist suggested that if I wanted more specific results he would schedule a certain set of tests (why I have not received these tests during the course of the "checkups" puzzles me but) that are more specific to the immune system.


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