Live vs Hotmail

Like I said, I basically use my MSN account, but several months ago when there was a hack available to get a address I registered  I have linked it to my MSN account but in general I use my MSN account unless signing up for a service where SPAM can be the consequence.

I was never a fan of hotmail, just the name scares people or seems like some dating or junk mail service.  I tried it way back when, before Microsoft bought them.  Sure you can keep your hotmail address, personal choice, convenience, whatever.  I think anyone considering getting a new address needs to understand a few things.  Much like a hotmail account it is free, although you get some great benefits in terms of allotted storage and services, a address still includes advertisement banners and the things you see with hotmail, that I don’t get with my MSN account.  The new Live Mail service provides a nice tool for switching over (also includes migrating from gmail and a few others).  However if you started using Live Spaces, there is no easy way to migrate that.  Things like Messenger are basically handled with the e-mail switch over utility there just is no rename my existing account functionality.  The switch over tool is pretty cool .

I am not advertising MSN at all, actually I think Microsoft is really leaving the paid MSN subscribers out in the cold.


3 thoughts on “Live vs Hotmail

  1. Limited to sending email to 10 people so if you are notifying a club with 92 memberships, you have to send 10 separate email. You are also limited to 30 emails a day. They say it is a temporary limit and will be automatically updated but I have been using it for several months and the problem continues.

  2. I have found trying to sign up for a MSN account is impossible….it takes you to the page of LIVE or Hotmail….I would love to have a MSN account but cannot….but I will say the info above in your comments John are extremely helpful….thanks the way….the explanation above is very clear & very plain…something we need more of today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just a followup here on multiple email addresses…the people I communicate with go hysterical when I change my email…you mentioned something about changing email….in my group of contacts for the most part would not fly….I would just like to get a "neat" or "cool" email address & be done with it….but it seems they are already taken…thanks againSteve

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