Changing Times – Philly

So, watching HD Theater (this Discovery Channel production truly makes HDTV worthwhile) the "Risk Takers" series came in.  This episode was about the Philadelphia Police officers.  It was pretty cool especially when they rolled past the school yard we used to play hockey in, then the stopped the kid with a bat right by my favorite hoagie deli.

Several things jumped out however.  For starters during the roll call at the precinct the officers were in street clothes and the one officer had a "Marines" sweat shirt.  Either he was given that as a gift or the department has changed it’s stance on hiring Marines.  My original plan when I left the military was to join Philly’s finest (firemen have to cook so it was the PD or nothing).  However, I found out that the department had a policy, which they publicly disclosed, that prohibited Marines from being hired.  If that policy is now changed I can’t help but wonder how my life would be different now if I had been able to pursue that career.  Very interesting.

The vivid scenes from the helicopter really show how the city has changed.  Okay so when I lived in Philly there was still the rule "No building would be taller that Billy Penn (the statue on top of city hall)".  And watching the cruisers speed through those narrow streets just reinforced how long I have been gone…


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