Zune is back

Well after a long wait I have my Zune back.  Well to be specific I have a new Zune, they did not fix my unit but instead sent a replacement.  It was completely empty so it was time to dive into the new software.  Amazing how much of my previous library I can not remember but I am in the process of re-populating my collection.  It is nice to be able to download without purchase, sure I am paying for that ability but if I had to pay $.79 for each track in the 6GB (so far) I have pulled down I would be broke.  The ability to actually pay for the MP3 versions is a nice option.  I have used it for select albums (did I just age myself with that?) such as the recently released Led Zeppelin.  The reason for downloading the MP3 was so I could actually make a CD.  The reasons for the CD is diminishing though.  Considering with your Zune, IPod, iRiver, etc type of devices I can plug right into my truck stereo, I can listen to it solely or connect it to my computer, hook it up to my stereo.
One of the features I have been using quite frequently is the podcasts feature, more specifically some of the video blogs.  You just subscribe to a podcast, it downloads the new ones, and removes the old ones automatically.  I am impressed by the video quality and oh yeah the album art (displays the album cover of the song you are listening to) is cool.
One of the video blogs I have been checking is on10.net; yes Microsoft oriented so any haters can ignore.

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