Comcast is so arrogant

Okay so I pay extra so that I can watch NHL with the Center Ice package.  It’s not an independent station, they basically re-broadcast other transmissions.  It is rare that I actually get the Philadelphia version of the broadcast, my guess is because Comcast is arrogant.  I am only partially angry about that because truthfully it is interesting to hear the other side plus the commercials are a part of the entertainment.  Seeing commercials from different demographics, sometimes the same product only advertised differently.  And then there are the Canadian commercials that are funny, for example the other night Flyers versus Toronto and there was a commercial in preparation for the iPhone being available there. 

So when I do actually get the Philadelphia broadcast they refuse to show any commercials!  So, the fact that we pay for cable TV and we still have commercials is a crime but if there are going to be bumpers in between I shouldn’t be stuck watching and hearing the amazingly awful Center Ice logo and background music!!!!!Angry

I have been home a few times so I have seen the broadcast.  What I find funny is looking at the Comcast service (and I have seen it in other cities as well) they are ridiculously expensive when I compare them to my current provider and the range of channels is inadequate.

I guess we can thank Uncle Sam for that.  They break up AT&T, pursue other companies such as IBM and Microsoft but they are complicate with cable companies in that we don’t have a choice.  Yes you can choose Satellite service but the cable companies already share the infrastructure and several providers are in each area but we as the consumer can’t select which one we want.  Now that’s the class action lawsuit that needs to be filed.


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