Helping out

Okay so I have mentioned it before but the folks at the Humane Society of Greater Akron are great.  They are off the beaten path yet they have been doing a great job of finding homes for these dogs and cats.  They are way beyond capacity yet no animal goes without care.  They have a new building in the works, and they estimate moving their operation to it in about 10 months.  Considering we are probably going to see the worst of the winter weather long before that, not to mention the extremes of the summer (considering my buddy Skimpy and the others the heat is probably more extreme but freezing is freezing no matter what type of coat they have) what the staff and volunteers (one more day of orientation for me) do for the population is incredible.  Some of the misconceptions are how the shelter gets funding.  Although they provide services throughout the county they do not receive county or municipal funding.  They also do not benefit from donations to the SPCA or some of the other national and international organizations you find on the internet.  I know we all get hammered for donations these days but…. Sorry but the people and the critters are great and if you could help out that would be great!

Attached is a recent document outlining what has been going on and what is in the works.  I can say from personal experience they are doing great things.


One thought on “Helping out

  1. I will see if I can find an article in print but the Humane Shelter was giving an interview with the local news as the orientation class was dismissing.  As of today they took in their 200th dog into the shelter.  They have no room, the dogs line the hallways now. 

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