An Interesting Case

Another checkup and yet more confusion, for them at least.  Quickest turn around time I have had since going there, I was done my labs and seeing the doctors before my appointment was even supposed to start.

The two doctors had the same perplexed look that I have seen before.  With no medical explanation all my numbers (except for the expected poor performing platelets) were way up into more normal ranges.

I have to see the Allergist next.



The funny part, although seems to defy my hopes and theories, in the period since my last blood work and this one, everything that could be wrong is wrong. 

  • I have not worked out since getting banged up playing hockey (partly to rest and heal but partly because I am addicted to Call of Duty 4)
  • I have not been eating right – never recovered from the holidays
  • sleep patterns have been off the chart (either I can’t sleep or I can’t wake up…)
  • I had a cold
  • the day before (1.21.2008) my fever did one of those spikes but it seemed to clear up as quick as it came on.

 I dont know  I did change my vitamin/mineral supplements a little as well as supplemented more Green Tea in place of black tea or diet soda, but those things seem minor in comparison to the previously mentioned items.  I don’t know what to think. 

Had the same losing argument about my spleen so for now it stays.  I will have to see the allergist, plus I am scheduled for blood work once a month now so it will be interesting to see if a pattern (no I don’t expect a diagnosis) shows up.  As I write this I am forsaking my workout so I could go spend another $40 on food for the ducks (pictures posted) and then headed down to the Humane Shelter to see if they need any help since its supposed to dip into the single digits again tonight.


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