And Another “Green” Thing

So, complaining about bandwidth might seem a contradiction to my going green posts… Yes the bandwidth includes several electrical devices that consume power.  However all of these devices are Star rated so they have power savings included and no I do not leave my TV or XBox on when not in use although the power consumption during power save mode is pretty minimal.

Now the government is asking us to conserve yet they are still toying with this so-called Internet Tax.  In the last 18 months I have been in a position where I had to replenish the household with everyday items, without the internet I can’t imagine what the fuel consumption would have been.  Think about it, product and price comparisons, finding the hard to find items…

Okay, enough of this but talk to your representative. – again instead of just saying we will not tax this service (that they pushed to consumers by the way) they were spineless as usual and just extended it.


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