They want to do what?

I let the fact that our US Government didn’t have the decency to just abolish the concept of an Internet Tax so they put it off for another year, I guess to keep that tax in their back pocket in case they need it later.  Trying not to be political on this blog.  However the recent reports not only shows the greed of the private sector but since this is all a government protected monopoly I had to rant, just a little.

Okay the new reports are that Time Warner Cable is testing a plan to charge "heavy" users extra for internet bandwidth.  In this area I have been using RoadRunner (their broadband service) in several locations and for the money it is the best plan.  I tried DSL and it just didn’t have the same performance. 

Recently I added their "Turbo" service which is really deceiving.  Yes my download bandwidth is great now, however they do not change the upload bandwidth.  Are you kidding me?  With all of the digital cameras, the YouTube craze, web services, movie download, Music services (iTunes, Zune, Rhapsody, etc…), not to mention online games like Halo3 and Call Of Duty 4 this premium service is lacking.

I am certain that with the boom of the above mentioned internet applications/services the cable companies (with Uncle Sam’s protection, why do I say that?; can you choose your cable provider?) see a way to raid our bank accounts.

Let’s think about the amount of money that the business sector saves because the masses can access their services via the internet.  If anyone should be paying for this it would be them.  Are you telling me Chase has not reduced their work force because they provide online banking?  Time Warner themselves, if you call their customer service the response time is horrible.  They always suggest you to read their FAQ, which is provided via?????  yes the Web (oh by the way the customer service call is normally because the internet is not working for the customer). 

I have seen some forums on this topic and I hope that things change.  I don’t have the numbers but I really don’t think that the "extra" bandwidth costs the ISP’s enough to warrant this gouge!


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