Hey Google, Shut Up! – Josh’s Windows Weblog

When this story hit my first thought was why is Microsoft asking for more public trial not to mention why spend so much for what appears to be a struggling and failing service.  Then Google started running their mouth.  When Microsoft was facing the US Ant-Trust trials I had to laugh but then when Dell and Intuit joined the fray, crying about the big bad Microsoft I was infuriated. 

I started out when Compuserve was the only "Internet" type service, I was a beta tester for AOL.  I have a Yahoo account, a Google account and most recently a Live.com account.  As you can tell I am using my "pay for" msn account.  Yahoo and Goggle offer quality service, I just don’t favor it.  That Google allows me to configure an e-mail client (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc) for free {so far} is a nice feature but I just don’t like the way they thread e-mails and their IM service is lacking the look and feel I have grown comfortable with.   Yahoo was great but they did not grow.  Their e-mail, although still better than that AOL garbage, still lacks an HTML message capability {yes I was a beta tester for their latest interface}; their IM; well the software for Vista is garbage and their integrated web interface embedded in the mail interface is a nice concept but no thank you and quite frankly if I get spammed with any service, Yahoo Mail and the IM account is inundated with it.

Google’s mainstay has been their search engine.  No frills but lots of advertisements, which lets face it that’s how they make their money to pay the developers and the infrastructure.  They cried foul when Microsoft developed a competing desktop search tool.  Google keeps threatening/promising an Operating System, a mobile phone, yada yada.  Going back to the US Anti-Trust case against Microsoft, my biggest complaint, don’t whine about it unless you have a real complaint.  Dell, Intuit, Netscape, Novell all complained that it was unfair to make Microsoft software the default.  Heaven forbid Microsoft sell their services within their own product (XP at the time).  I saw a program a few years ago that showed Mr. Dell’s house, so Microsoft is taking money out of your pocket huh?  I used to use Intuit software but when I heard their complaint I will never use it again, my choice and before Microsoft invested in a competitive program their really wasn’t much of a choice.  Novell, I was a Netware biggot for many years but don’t blame Microsoft for your failures to market your product.  Netscape was another one that failed and instead of admitting that they cried foul against big bad Microsoft.  They were another company who teased their fans with a competitive operating system that never materialized.  I am not a fan of Google (admittedly second hand but what I have read about their business/employee practices bothers me) but had they not started offering more services I am certain that the Windows Live platform would have stayed in the labs.

Yahoo started the ball rolling many years ago but they have fallen behind.  We need the competition.  Why is Google concerned about this? they will actually benefit from this since there is no doubt that the MS Bashers that still use Yahoo will choose Google over MSYahoo. 

Hey Google, Shut Up! – Josh’s Windows Weblog


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