Beta Stuff

The beta for the next version if Internet Explorer (IE 8) came out today.  My results are mixed; on WindowsXP it worked well, on Vista not so much.  Looks like I will have to nuke my test laptop and reinstall Windows Vista.  When I installed IE8 on my Vista machine, I have no web browser until I did some extensive registry hacks to strip as much of the IE7 customization I had made.  Ultimately with my Vista machine I had use a restore from the "System Restore" which worked like a champ. 

The other beta is .  The Office Live Workspace is the product I am testing.  It provides a mechanism to store, access and share files plus online tasks and notes.  I can see some great uses for this type of system, but I also have some concerns (this goes with Google docs and any other similar system) considering how much grief SOX compliance has brought to my line of work lately.  The component that you can add to your installed Microsoft Office software needs some work but again a nice concept.  For storing important files Skydrive is still a better system for me, but having that choice is a luxury.  There is also a Small Business component to Office Live which I have not tried yet but curiosity is drawing me that way….


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