Bitter Sweet

Well my buddy Skimpy found a new home.  Definitely a mixed reaction to see him go.  I showed up at the Humane Shelter on Saturday and was informed that Skimpy had been adopted earlier in the day.  On one hand I was happy for him because he deserves a loving and comfortable home.  I was however a little sad but that was just a selfish feeling.  Hopefully he has found a new home and making his new owners happy, keeping my fingers crossed that this works out for him.

2 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet

  1. I understand that Skimpy holds a special spot in your heart but knowing you, you are attached or will attach yourself to other homeless little ones.  You gave Skimpy help in being good with humans. I hope these new people are worthy of him and give him the home he deserves.  I know you will miss seeing him and he will miss his long walks with you.  Let’s keep  our fingers crossed.

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