Well there is something go around, and its a kicker.  I have had it for two weeks now and every time I start feeling better it steps up and knocks me out.  Of course I have been cautious about it, especially since the recent symptoms resemble the onset of my last DIC incident.  I was disappointed with my new doctor.  The last few cold and flu seasons I could call my specialist and they would prescribe me a stronger anti-biotic just to be safe.  The new doctor wanted an office visit.  Since I was headed out of town I blew that off.  I have heard this is a virus but I know for a fact it started out with an ear infection.  I doubled up on my daily anti-biotic (Bactrim, which I am thinking just might be a placebo) and that seemed to at least make things manageable.  Then it was a sore throat and ultimately ended up in the chest.  Started to feel better over the weekend, so I figured I could work out and sweat whatever was left out…. bad idea.  I made it to work Monday but by the time I got home I had to lay down… woke up a few hours later.  Other than the congestion in my chest, every time I stood up I would get a throbbing headache, nausea and dizzy.  Several days later now and still don’t feel well but better than it has been.


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