Another checkup, another no news event

Scheduled my Immunology and Hematology checkups on the same day.  Cleveland Clinic is just taking over.

Day started with an allergy scratch test.  Much easier than the one administered when I was a kid that is for sure.  I had negative results where they should be negative and positive for the one that should be positive (histamine).  Three visits ago he was positive it wasn’t CVID, then it could be but doubtful and this time "you have a form of".  I am just going to stop asking, my health is real good, encountered the bug that went around and I survived.

Saw my Hematologist.  My numbers are real good.  So good in fact that the she wants to schedule the regular checkups every 6 months now, I asked to at least have lab work every 3 months just to be careful (did I just say that… sheeesh Raised Eyebrow).  I am no longer on the daily anti-biotic. 

I think I even made progress in terms of getting them to look a little deeper into my spleen issue.  With some lobbying by me, we both agreed that the linking of the enlarged and painful spleen with the initial TM onset years ago might be a mistake.  All symptoms of that have either dramatically reduced or disappeared completely.  Even if it was TM related, the trauma, paralyzation, whatever it was may have caused damage.  So for my efforts I have a CT Scan next week. 

Now if I could just get back to a regular workout schedule to drop these extra pounds and get back to where I was.  Interesting though, all my numbers were good even during a relative slump of sorts.

Well, thanks for reading.Smile

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