Broken Record

Went to my appointment for CAT Scan today with some hope.  Comparing it to the MRI’s, Lumbar Punctures and Bone Marrow tests this was easy.  I was pleasantly surprised when my Hematologist called back so soon with the results.  Yes, my spleen is enlarged but as in the past that is being dismissed as "accept it".  The obligatory "However" comes next.  For bearing, my last CAT Scan was 2005 so when I mentioned compared to the last diagnostics that is the frame of reference.  This was the same CAT Scan that the enlarged spleen was noticed.  Comparing the results between the two CAT Scans the lymphoma term has come up again.  It was noticed that the lymphnodes, that were noted to be larger than normal before, seem to have increased; in a few cases by almost double.

In general I am not too concerned about the initial diagnosis, theory, guess, whatever it is.  I have been down this road before.  What little I know of lymphoma I have a hard time believing I have had lymphoma all of this time.  Sure I have or had a few of the symptoms but most of those symptoms can be applied to anything and since they have not been consistent I am skeptical.  Refresher, the last time this happened they did the biopsy and told me I had cat scratch fever.  I think I am more disturbed that the spleen will be ignored yet again, but the constant pain and discomfort can’t be.  I think the care I have been getting is great but…  this is just another issue to be compiled in the "we have noticed this…accept it" list.  So, the next step is another biopsy.  This time however instead of in the arm pit region we are talking in the abdomen region.  All I remember from the last one was that it was a very inconvenient spot for an incision.  The approach will be an assisted biopsy and if necessary an open biopsy.  I guess they escalate in invasiveness between assisted and open.   


6.13.2008:  The doctor called to tell me the biopsy was clean.  So, it was a rush to get me in for the bone marrow test, then nothing for a few months, then a rush to get the biopsy done and again, next appointment is scheduled for three months from now.  The kicker is, other than the spleen or whatever this issue is, I have not felt this good in a few years.


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