All your e-mail accounts

For those who use multiple e-mail accounts (many reasons to have multiple accounts, examples such as personal and business or even the account you use when subscribing to newsletters in an effort to avoid spam) these accounts can be accessed very easily.  The easy example is my msn account and account.  Since I primarily use my msn account, I linked my (  While at a machine where I am using Live Hotmail versus Windows Live Mail I log in using my primary account.  Then to check my other account, in the upper right hand corner the current e-mail account is shown, the arrow indicates a selectable region.  Clicking on the arrow produces a drop down list of all my accounts.


By selecting another account, the window loads that account, to include the color theme.

Going one step further, the process of linking accounts can be extended to other accounts.  Using and following the instructions I have been able to define my hosting account <listed in the above illustration as> and I can access it (to include reading, replying and creating new e-mails).  The convenience here is I don’t have to remember the Hosting company’s webmail address.  Word of caution, I actually changed my hosting provider because my previous provider did not allow DNS modifications.

… and since I just figured out how to do it, with this account that I modified I can also access the account using Windows Live Mail (my preferred e-mail client).  As seen below accessing my e-mails (1 MSN, 1 and 1 hosting provider e-mail account) can all be done from one convenient interface.



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