More ways to access your “other” e-mail

In a previous entry I mentioned how use Hotmail to access your “other” e-mail accounts (such as those provided by your hosting provider e.g.  Since my e-mail tool of preference is Windows Live Mail I went ahead and took the previous posting one step further.  Since you have modified your domain and used you can add this e-mail account to Windows Live Mail.  I only mention this because I struggled with it initially.  It couldn’t be as easy as adding my msn or account could it?  In fact it is; when adding the account you don’t have to worry about the custom POP3, IMAP or other settings.

Add Account Dialog Box

Add an e-mail account, fill in the basic information in the next dialog box;

E-mail account information

in the next dialog box, change “My incoming server is “ to HTTP.


That is all it takes.  Other than ease of use (personal opionion) there are a few other reasons to do this.  Some of the other notes;

  • Some web mails systems are pretty stingy in terms of disk space so if you hold on to e-mails with Windows Live Mail you can easily move them to a local mail file.
  • You can create a message, tag it with which account you want to send it as but you still have access to all of your contacts from your centralized account file, real handy when migrating from one mail account to another
  • Of course the convenience of having access to all of your e-mail accounts in one application is the major reason.

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