imtalkathon – Messaging for a cause

Instant Messaging and e-mail are great tools for communicating.  Did you know thati'm Initiative you could help earn money for causes like Cancer Research and the Humane Society at the same time?  I am not sure this gets enough attention amongst Windows Live users.  This initiative has been available for Windows Live Messenger for some time but it has recently been added to the Windows Live Hotmail application.  Check out the im Talkathon, 30 days of e-mailing and IM’ing for the greater good.

For more information check out:  im Talkathon – Messaging for a cause

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2 thoughts on “imtalkathon – Messaging for a cause

  1. John,This was interesting and insightful!  The way I understand it as far as the Messenger goes is that each noted charity gets a small proceed of the money involved from the development of this and anytime someone downloads the new IM and electes their choice that’s how it works…at least from what I can read!  Awesome post and thanks for sharing it with us!  Guess I will need to sart e-mailing away and chatting more….lol !Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!Greg

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