Ohio.com – Dog owners could pay fee at Stow park

Okay, this one has been brewing for a few days.  For starters I love this dog park and despite a few complaints and a tragic incident the park is a great resource for *-5dogs and their owners.

I spend my weekend hanging out with the boys at http://www.summithumane.org (three Rotties; Tony, O’Doule, Sirus and a few others) and as I have said, it is amazing how these dogs which are perceived to be “attack” dogs are great and considering their history they should really despise human beings.  In addition I have owned two Rotties as well as a Chow mix.

A few weeks ago I started shopping for Home Owner’s Insurance.  I was angered over the immediate disqualification if you owned what insurer’s consider to be an attack dog.  Their list includes Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiller and Pit Bulls.  I picked a township for my new home because I knew they didn’t have any prejudicial ordnances against dog breeds so I have asked the insurance agents and underwriters and I was informed this is pretty much a blanket policy they are applying nation wide.

Look, I am not ignoring the fact that dogs bite and I am sure the numbers bear a pattern for this breed exclusion logic.  I have owned dogs of two of the breeds, and my chow chow mix was the bigger issue.  Actually one of my Rotties would subdue the chow chow when necessary.  The part of the article below I am referencing is the patron’s statement:

I suggest this because the people, not the dogs, aren’t obeying the rules,”

As an owner of these dogs I took it as a responsibility, but have seen others buying a dog for their own image having no clue what responsibility they should assume.  Recently a local news program did one of their exposes due to a "dog attack".  What was interesting was how they left out the part where the victim had been teasing this dog for months.  No, I am not going to claim it to be their fault, although the parents failed to address the issue despite the dog owner’s requests.  The point is the dog will suffer because of humans failing on several levels.  I find this frustrating because we "rehabilitate" harden human criminals but a poor dog has no legal representation or automatic appeals.

Ohio.com – Dog owners could pay fee at Stow park


One thought on “Ohio.com – Dog owners could pay fee at Stow park

  1. John,
    This is a very true statement! Often times it is the people who are failing to cause the issue and not the issue itself!  If more people would wake up to that things would be so much different around the world!  It is amazing how peoples arrogant lack of willingness to coply with laws can affect what so many others enjoy merely because of their own ability to comply and then want to complain about it after the law steps in and say things like "Why Me".
    Very interesting post my friend!  Have a wonderful and blessed day !

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