My Buddies

Well two of my buddies found homes this week.  I went to the Shelter a day early this week.  I already signed out Odoole for a walk but when I went to his pen there was another dog there.  There is always a little disappointment when they aren’t there but knowing they found a home is great.  So now it’s Tony, Sirus, Turk and Buddy.  Why Tony is still there is surprising.  He is my project.  Tony is all Rottie and very well behaved.  Tony’s problem is that he likes to talk, especially when petting him aggressively or playing.  He doesn’t bite but his talking can come off as aggressive.  Sirus is just one cool dog but he is very big.

Of course since the group is lessened I added two.  They are in the pen next to Tony and they were just to shy to not want to help.  Being a volunteer makes it easier because I can go into a pen and just hang out.  Wink and Cuervo are my two new buddies.  Wink will come to the fence for treats, Cuervo would watch and maybe growl.  So the last two times at the shelter I have just gone into the pen and sat there.  The first time Wink approached but didn’t want to be petted, Cuervo just stayed away.  Well today Cuervo just laid down and I was able to pet him and when I stopped he would move closer.  Wink came over a few times and then she came close enough to allow me to pet him.  An ongoing project.

I came upon Turk for similar reasons.  I went in during the week and there he was.  You could see him watching you but he shied away and as you approached him he would cower with his tail between his legs.  I sat with him and he started to warm up.  He is a sweet dog and again his shyness seems to be getting in the way of him being adopted.

Then there is Buddy.  His story is sad and he definitely had socialization issues.  I wasn’t aware there was a problem and just gravitated there with some treats.  I guess the staff was watching curiously to see what happened.  The first few times he would stop growling long enough to take the treat and a quick pat on the head.  So I advanced the bribing and spent more time with him.  Now he wags his tail when I head into the yard and never growls and when I sit there with him he is just as friendly as can be.

Much like the winter, it will be nice when the new building is open.  They try to make allowances for the weather but it has to be real hot for these dogs.  Matter of fact when I walk Sirus we go down the hill and we go for a swim.

Just thought I would share.

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One thought on “My Buddies

  1. John,
    Thanks for sharing your friends with us!  These were some awesome little critters.  I am sure that they will all find very good and suitable homes for them!  However, until they do….at least they have someone such as yourself to ensure that their stay there will be as pleasurable as possible for what they have to endure!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!

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