Conserving Bandwidth

We all receive e-mails where someone sends you pictures or a document (Adobe, Word, PowerPoint, etc…) and you notice the attachment is rather lengthy.  Now most people have access to high speed these days but wouldn’t it be cooler to just send a link to the file(s)?!  For example I have started building a house.  I take pictures of the lot, copy the files to my Skydrive folder and then use the “Send a link” menu option to create a mail with the web link versus the raw files.  With the newer digital cameras increasing the mega pixel counts and enhancing images a standard file can get very large. 


When you click the “Send a link” option, an e-mail will be created using whatever you have defined as your default e-mail system and a link to the file will be written in the body of the email.  The link will look like .

Took several pictures at an event or of a subject (such as the progression of the home build)?  The same process can be used to send a link to the folder, create a folder in your Skydrive Public folder and upload your files to this new folder.  Go to the folder and you can perform the same “Send a link” function which will create an e-mail with a link like .

Skydrive is pretty cool.  For business file sharing and collaboration, “Office Live” has some extended features but for most of us Skydrive is a great way to share information not to mention back up your important files..

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2 thoughts on “Conserving Bandwidth

  1. Great suggestion, John. Especially with extended friends and family who don’t often clean out their e-mail in-boxes, a link is much more bandwidth and mailbox friendly for sure!  Thanks for sharing this.

  2. John,
    This was an exquisite idea…I wrote a blog on conserving "Bandwidth" that I believe you commented upon!  In today’s world of pics, graphics and things that go twizzle and bling…it is highly important that we learn how to conserve our bandwidth to provide a smoother flow of all the things we enjoy on the Internet.  Have a wonderful and blessed evening my friend!

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